Margo Jonker Stadium Naming Project List of Donors
*Bold names denote $1,000 donors or higher

Tera Albrecht
Todd Allam
Julia and Ronald Alward
Kathryn Arendsen
Amy Backus
Diane Banyas
Clayton and Mary Ellen Barber
Cheryl Beebe
In Memory of Andrew Benedict
Arthur and Gladys Benedict
Jacquelyn Benedict
Ray and Ronda Benedict
Matt and Elizabeth Beshear
David and Sandra Beymer
Mary Bottaro
George and Gloria Brander
Kathy Breece
Peggy Brisbane and Robert Barclay
Chuck and Anne Brower
Evelyn Brower
Warren Brower
James and Sherry Burke
Kim Burke
Devon Burzynski
Dave and Mimi Calme
James and Sarah Campbell
Terry and Trix Carey
C.J. Car Connection, LLC- Cathy Wylie
Nancy Clark
Keith Cozat Construction
Lynn Cracraft
Tom and Diane Craven
Peggy Curtis
Lisa Dahlman
Lawrence and Dawn Dennis
Herb and Marilyn Deromedi
Christan Dhondt
Mike and Sandy Dhondt
Carol Digilio
David and Rebecca Dodge
Anne Doriean
Pattie Durbin
Woodrow Eber
Frances Ebert
Dr. Charles and Susan Eiszler
Kelly Eldred and Pam Stanley
Jim Epple
Robert Lee and Helen Epple-Lee
Jim and Carol Erickson
Rick and Paula Erskin
Betsy Fagan
Bill and Pat Farley
Dr. Richard and Audrey Featheringham
Ann Finein
Mary Jane Flanagan and Grant Skomski
Kathy Fleser
Paul Fortino, Jr.
Dick Foster
Marian Fuller
Jim and Jivka Fuller

Lynda Fuller
Lynn Gendron
Ruth Gibbs
Al and Linda Gilson
Al and Sue Giroux
Bruce and Ursula Grimes
Jim and Maryan Grimes
Rosemary Gross
Tom and Patti Hamilton
David Hannah
Cathy Heator
Richard and Mary Hecksel
Don and Athena Helinski
Holly Hoekstra
Karen Hohs
Linda Hoover
The Horvath Family
Kim Hudson
Debbie Hunt
Karen Hutslar
Dennis and Pam Iacco
Darlene Jenkins
Darcy Johnson
Jonker-Burke Family: Duane, Sarah, Samuel, Brandy & Isaac
Jacqueline Joseph
Rob Kaminski
Mary Kapp

Dave and Sue Keilitz
Tom and Janet Kennelly
Lois Kerr
Adam and Allie (Hansen) Kieft
Don and Jan Kinney
Ted and Ginger Kjolhede
Raymond and Deborah Knoblock
Senga Knupp
Dr. Peter Koper
Kristen Kosuda
Jill LeBourdais
Pam Lee-Campbell
Bill and Lois Lemcke
Bev Rouse Lewis

Jean Loedeman
Jeannette Loedeman
Jerald and Esther Lounsbury
Dr. Kevin and Denise Love

Lou and Carol Margiotta
Dana Margiotta
Robert and Patricia Marston
Martelli Homes Inc.
Donna Martin
Patricia Matter
Matt and Amy Matuzak
Julie, Jody, Kaye and Jenny Bouck
Terri McFarland
Dave and Laura McGuire

Martin McGuire
Pat and Nancy McGuirk
Ted and Kristin McIntyre
Alice McKeage
Richard and Nicole McKinney
Heidi McLane
Carol Mensinger
Patricia Mitchell
Tom and Cindy Miles
Angela Montroy
Richard Morrison
Earl and Sally Morrow
Doug and Helen Nance
Dr. Curtis and Margaret Nash
Dixie Neier
Richard and Sandy Nordin
Mike and Debra Novak
Bill and Wanda Odykirk
Diane Oppenheiser
John and Lindsey (Calme) Pilling
Louise Plachta
Barbra Patrick
Thomas and Mary Pawlak
John and Lorrie Pettit
Peter and Leslie Phelan
Harry and Billie Plouff

Pat Podoll
Kris Popp
Quality Apartments

Al and Arlene Quick
Dan and Susan Rademacher
Gary Rakan and Susan Merchant-Rakan
Jenni Rasmussen
Kim Reichard
Richard Repicky
Carrie Ruf
Mark and Deborah Ruf
Mary Schmidt
Schrader Outdoor Services, LLC
Jeanette Schrand
Joe, Sue, Jeff and Jill Schulz #32
Carla Scruggs
Kari Seddon #8, 2007-2010
Stan and Rene Shingles

Ron Shoemaker
Janet Smith
John Smith
Michele Smith
Sarah Smith (Hamilton)
Hannah Smoker
Alice Nixon St. Clair
Ben and Vicki and Alissa Steele
Dr. Michael and Julie Stinson
Cindy Storer
Deborah Strum
Kim Summers
Fay Tanner
Mildred Tenckinck
Charles R. and Pamela Tetlock
Jo Ann Tetlock
William and Dottie Theunissen
Jim and Chris (Whalen) Thomas
Dawn Thompson

Aaron Todd
Bruce and Cindy Torgerson
Marie Tuite
Clarence and Mary Ann Tuma
Derek and Amy van der Merwe

Deb VanKuiken
Pat Walker and Family
Denise Webster
Linda Wells
West Ottawa Athletic Boosters
Marcy Weston
John and Jean Whalen
Kirt Whiteside
Nick and Marnie Williams
Jim and Sally Wojciechowski
Kelly Jo Wotring
Gerald and Linda Young