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Gael student-athletes have the opportunity to participate in the NCAA sponsored CHAMPS/Life Skills program designed to help prepare student-athletes for the life challenges beyond the intercollegiate athletic arena.

Saint Mary's College is committed fully to functioning in a manner that protects and enhances the physical and educational welfare of all Gael student-athletes. The focus of the program is on the following five commitments viewed as critical to personal growth of student-athletes:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Athletics Excellence
  • Personal Development
  • Community Service
  • Career Development

Throughout the academic year programs are provided to support each of these areas. Student-athletes are provided a life skills calendar for the year that is based on a developmental model, meaning programs are designed specifically to be age appropriate. The needs of an incoming freshman differ from those of a graduating senior and the CHAMPS/Life Skills program is designed with that in mind.

Please contact the Assistant Director of Athletics for Student Support Services, Kari Montero (, for more information on these programs or potential services for student-athletes.