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Kansas State Student-Athlete Spotlight: Beverly Ramos
October 14, 2008

By: Megan Wilson

Big 12 Campus Correspondent


At 5’4” and 110 pounds soaking wet, Beverly Ramos doesn’t look like a powerful and dominating force. However, looks can be deceiving.


In three cross country meets, Ramos has three first-place finishes.


The junior cross country star has already earned two Big 12 Runner of the Week awards, and has helped the Kansas State women’s squad to a preseason national ranking.


“The races are going really well, especially thanks to my training,” Ramos said. “I have been able to train at a higher level this year, and I put a lot of emphasis on training this summer to increase my volume for this year. Since I have been focusing more on training, races are

coming from that, and I think that’s why I’m having a breakthrough this year.”


While this may be the start of a breakthrough season, Ramos' success shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.


She was an All-American in the 3,000 meter steeple-chase in 2007 and an NCAA qualifier in the event in 2008. With her three top finishes this season, she has paced the women’s team to first, second, and fifth-place finishes in 2008.


For Ramos, her success in cross country stems from a love of running. 


“I love to run, and I love to run distance,” she said. “I started in track running the 800 and the 1,200, and I figured I wasn’t fast enough for those distances, so I just kept going up to the 1,500 and then the 5,000. And that’s about what cross country’s distance is.


“Running cross country is very helpful for track, and that’s why I started doing it, to get a good base for track,” she said.


The cross country course and the track are not the only areas where Ramos has enjoyed tremendous success. She has also excelled in the classroom, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average and earning Academic All-District Second Team honors in 2008, in addition to Academic All Big 12 in 2007 and 2008. Ramos, a physical science major, admits that finding a balance between training and her academic career can be a challenge.


“I think it is (a challenge to find a balance) at times, especially depending on how hard my classes are,” she said. “During my sophomore year, I was taking a lot of physics and chemistry and I was spending more time studying. Right now, it is not as hard, although I’m still taking science classes, but it’s not dominating my time. I have found a pretty good schedule for myself.”


A native of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, Ramos has found a sense of belonging on the K-State campus and says cross country has provided her with the ultimate college experience.


“It has been wonderful,” she said. “I have met really great people on campus, and my teammates are really like my family. If I’m not running, I’m studying. Every time I travel, I can meet people from other states and from other countries. I think that is a great experience to get to know people.”


The international flavor of the sport is one of the things Ramos said she likes best about cross country.


“It (cross country) is not a big sport, but it’s really hard,” she said. “I think you have the most international students in cross country and track. In the top 50 you could have several international students, so you’re not just running against Americans, you’re running against

the world.”


As for her continued success, Ramos says her personality is a contributing factor.


“I really believe a lot in myself more than anything else,” she said. “I’m a hard worker, I love to work hard and if I don’t get something, I keep trying to get it. My freshman year, I didn’t even make the Big 12 finals, and that was my goal, and so I came out and worked really

hard the next year to make the finals. Any time I don’t reach my goal, I keep working hard until I get it.”


If that pattern holds true, Ramos should achieve her ambitions for this season.


“I keep thinking ‘one step at a time.’ In the short term, it is the upcoming meet, the Cowboy Jamboree. I want to win, seriously, but I’m expecting top three,” she said.


As it turned out, she did win and set a new personal best and course record with a time of 20:30. Her remaining goals include a top five finish at the Big 12 Championships (Nov. 1 at Iowa State), qualifying for nationals, and regaining All-America status.


“It’s been a great season, and I’m just getting better and better,” Ramos said. “I’m physically fine and I just feel like I can do my training back to back and I’m excited because I want to see what I can do next.”

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