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Official Visit Protocol
Courtesy: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 06/18/2006
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Official Visit Protocol

NCAA Official Visit Entertainment Rules NCAA rules have never permitted "excessive entertainment" of prospects. 13.01.2 Entertainment. A member institution may provide entertainment at a scale comparable to that of normal student life and not excessive in nature, to a prospect and his or her parents (or legal guardians) or spouse only at the institution's campus (or, on an official visit, within 30 miles of the institution's campus). Entertainment of other relatives or friends of a prospect at any site is prohibited. Entertainment and contact by representatives of the institution's athletics interests during the official visit are prohibited.

13.5.2 Excessive Entertainment. A member institution may not arrange or permit excessive entertainment of a prospect on the campus or elsewhere (e.g., hiring a band for a dance specifically for the entertainment of the prospect, a chauffeured limousine, a helicopter). An institution transporting a prospective student-athlete (and those accompanying a prospective student-athlete) around campus during the official visit must use institutional vehicles normally used to transport prospective students while visiting the campus. In addition, coaching staff members or student hosts may use personal vehicles to transport a prospect (and those accompanying the prospect) around campus during an official visit.

Permissible Entertainment

Princeton employees, student-athletes and prospective student-athletes may engage in the following entertainment activities:


  1. On-campus events such as home athletic contests, music concerts, art shows, theatre productions, etc. If purchase of tickets for prospects is necessary, the respective coach must give the student host entertainment money (not to exceed $30/day) to cover this expense.
  2. Off-campus restaurants or sites within 30 miles of campus.
  3. A meal at the home of an institutional staff member (e.g., the athletics director, a coach, a faculty member or the institution's president) may be held for a prospect on an official visit, provided the entertainment is on a scale comparable to that of normal student life, is not excessive in nature and occurs on only one occasion.
  4. Movies, video games, beading, painting in pottery shops, etc. that cost within the limit of entertainment money provided by the respective coach (not to exceed $30/day).
  5. Snacks in addition to the three permissible meals per day.
  6. Post-game team tailgates as long as no conversation takes place between prospects and representatives of athletics interests including parents of current student-athletes.
  7. Other activities approved by the Compliance Office.

Impermissible Entertainment

Princeton employees, student-athletes, representatives of athletics interests and prospective student-athletes may NOT engage in the following entertainment activities:


  1. Excessive meals and transportation. Off-campus meals may not be at expensive restaurants that exceed normal student life at Princeton. Air transportation must be in coach class. Automobile transportation off campus must be in non-luxury vehicles. Campus transportation must be in University vehicles or coach or student-athlete personal vehicles.
  2. Use of escorts or exotic dancers.
  3. Trips to gentlemen's clubs or adult entertainment facilities.
  4. Serving alcohol to under-age prospects anywhere including eating clubs.
  5. Providing illegal substances to prospects.
  6. Trips to bars with under-age prospects.
  7. Organizing campus tours in a manner that is inconsistent with Princeton's practices of providing tours to prospective students generally. For example, being given by people other than student-athletes, coaches or students who don't normally provide tours for the University.
  8. General activities or events at any location that may cause a perception of impropriety.
  9. Prospects may NOT speak with representatives of athletics interests such as Friends Group members or parents of current student-athletes beyond a greeting.

Other impermissible acts would involve any illegal activity including sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical assault, use of illegal substances, damaging property, hazing, sports gambling, etc.

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