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Support from Alumni, Parents, and Friends

Alumni, parents, and other supporters provide vital support to Dartmouth Hockey through a variety of means as described below. Please note that all such involvement must comply with NCAA and Ivy League regulations. For further information or clarification on NCAA or Ivy League rules, call the Dartmouth Athletics compliance office at (603) 646-1496 or email

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Identifying Prospects AD's Fund for Excellence

Providing Jobs & Internships
Dartmouth Athletics Endowment

Friends of Dartmouth Hockey
Annual donations from Friends of Dartmouth Hockey help cover fitness equipment, recruiting expenses, video equipment, supplemental supplies, and other vital needs that cannot be covered by the College’s budget but are essential to operating first-class varsity programs. Contributors receive newsletters and are entitled to attend post-game receptions in Smoyer Lounge after every home game. The men’s team also welcomes supporters to participate in the annual Eddie Jeremiah Hockey Golf Classic at the Hanover Country Club with the coaching staff and former and current players. To become a Friend of Dartmouth Hockey please email

Contributions of any amount are gratefully appreciated, but please note the following special giving categories:

Captain’s Club: $2,500-$5,000
Power Play Club: $1,000-$2,499
Hat Trick Club: $500-$999
Playmaker’s Club: $100-$499

Your Friends donation is tax deductible, is included in the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience, and will be credited to a joint Friends of Hockey fund exclusively for the support of Dartmouth’s men’s and women’s varsity ice hockey programs. As a restricted gift, it cannot be credited to the Dartmouth College Fund, which is comprised of unrestricted gifts used across the College. If you prefer to make your donation by check, just send it to Friends of Dartmouth Hockey, 6083 Alumni Gymnasium, Hanover, NH 03755. 

NOTE: In addition to the varsity programs, Dartmouth now offers a club sport team in ice hockey. Those wishing to support the club team should direct their support to the Friends of Club Sports.

Identifying Outstanding Prospects

If you know of outstanding prospective student-athletes in your area, please send information such as newspaper clippings to men’s coach Bob Gaudet or women’s coach Laura Schuler, or email them at or and let the coaches take it from there. Reminder -- You may not contact prospects directly, nor may you contact high school coaches or guidance counselors to get information on prospects, but there is no rule against attending their contests.

Providing Summer Jobs & Internships

If you know of positions in your business or community that might be filled by a current student-athlete, please email men’s coach Bob Gaudet or women’s coach Laura Schuler at or Reminder -- The pay for these jobs must be at the going rate for that position, to comply with NCAA regulations.

Dartmouth Athletic Sponsor Program

 More than 1000 Dartmouth alumni, parents, and other supporters are currently members of the Athletic Sponsor Program, which provides vital recruiting resources for all of Dartmouth's varsity sports. The Sponsor Program is the sole source of funds for bringing more than 200 top athletic prospects to the campus each year for a first-hand view of the Dartmouth Experience. Additional Sponsor funds are allocated for coaches' recruiting trips, cell phones, and recruiting vehicles. In the event gifts exceed expenses, a portion of the unexpended gifts may also be transferred into a fund for long-term support of our coaches' recruiting efforts.  (Click here for a complete description of the fund including provisions for alternate uses.)

All Sponsors receive our quarterly online newsletter, Peak, and are welcome to attend tent receptions prior to home football games.  At certain membership levels, you are also informed of the specific athlete whose recruiting trip your donation made possible, so you can follow his or her progress through four years at Dartmouth.  Please note the following giving levels and special benefits:

$300-$599: Assigned a specific recruit every 3-4 years, so you'll always have a current student-athlete
$600-$1199: Assigned a specific recruit every 1-2 years and listed in our Leadership Sponsors display in Alumni Gym
$1200-$4999: Assigned a recruit every year and  listed in our Leadership display.
$5000-$10,000: Assigned a recruit every year, listed in Leadership display and VIP Reception with President Phil Hanlon '77 and AD Harry Sheehy for Homecoming

Your contribution is tax deductible.  As a restricted gift, it is not part of the Dartmouth College Fund, but donations from alumni are recognized and included in overall Class totals. The Sponsor Program is entirely separate from individual sports' Friends groups.  Checks should be payable to Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors, 6083 Alumni Gym, Hanover, NH 03755. For more information, please email or call (603) 646-2463.

Athletic Director's Fund for Excellence
Dedicated supporters of Dartmouth Athletics are often interested in providing financial support that may be utilized at the discretion of the Director of Athletics and Recreation for the Athletic Department's broad-based program of NCAA Division I varsity athletics, club sports, intramurals, physical education, fitness classes, and other recreational offerings. Your donation to this fund is tax deductible and is included in the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience. As a restricted gift, it cannot be credited to the Dartmouth College Fund, which is comprised of unrestricted gifts used across the College. For more information, contact or at (603) 646-2463.

Dartmouth Athletics Endowment

The Dartmouth Athletics Endowment (DAE) provides a permanent source of income to support the College's broad-based athletic and recreational programs. Annual income from gifts to the DAE helps secure the future of programs in which Dartmouth student-athletes can pursue excellence for generations to come. For more information regarding endowment opportunities, contact or at (603) 646-2463.