Dartmouth Summer Sailing Facility

Mascoma Lake, Enfield NH  603-632-9389


Ken McClintock, Manager, HB 6083 Hanover NH 03755


e-mail Ken.McClintock@dartmouth.edu



Membership Fees


Team (Member of the Dartmouth Sailing Team)                                 No Charge


                                                                                                     Before 5/27/11    After 5/27/11

Dartmouth Employee, DHMC, Graduate Student - Family             $225.00              $250.00

(Full-time employee of Dartmouth College are defined by 

College issued ID or Directory inclusion)  


Dartmouth Employee, DHMC, Graduate Student - Single              $195.00              $220.00

(As defined above)


Dartmouth Undergraduate Student                                                $140.00              $165.00

(Full-time student, possessing a Dartmouth College ID card)


Community - Family                                                                       $250.00              $275.00

(Non-Dartmouth affiliated as defined above) 


Community - Single                                                                        $220.00              $245.00

(Non-Dartmouth affiliated as defined above)  


Family Employee and Community memberships apply to the immediate family of the member.  Immediate family is defined as those family members residing in the same household as the member.  Children, once they are living alone, are not considered immediate family.  College-aged children home for the summer and residing with a member will be considered immediate family.  These categories of membership allow for guest visits as outlined by the guest policy.


Please Note


Single memberships are considered individual memberships and guest privileges do not extend to in town family, friends, or household members. 


Member Dry Storage space                                                                              No Charge

Lesson Fees                                                                                                     See Lessons Page



You must be a member to take part in instructional programs!