The new DSU Strength and Conditioning Facility is in its final stage of completion and is set to open in early September. The first phase of this construction project will provide Hornet student-athletes with a new strength and conditioning facility, which will be followed by the second phase construction of a wellness center for the general student community and the public.

The Phase I construction of the 17,000-square-foot two-story Strengthening and Conditioning Facility began in December 2006 and is slated to be completed by August 2007. It will be connected to the north end of the Memorial Hall main gymnasium, and will be solely dedicated for use by DSU student athletes.

The Phase I addition will include a strength and conditioning area, a laundry room, offices for conditioning coaches and locker rooms for men’s and women’s basketball. The addition will include a 2-story tall entry and lobby with ticketing area and 9,000 sf of open strength and conditioning area for student athletes.

Phase II involves the construction of a two-story Wellness Center specifically for the general student population and the general public. This section will be located on the southeast end of the building, and will require the demolition of a significant part of that existing section. Construction is projected to begin in August 2007 and to be completed by January 2009.

Included in Phase II’s first floor will be the renovation of the existing auxiliary basketball court and the construction of a new basketball court that would be somewhat side by side, as well as new offices/concession space, women’s and men’s locker rooms, and a new swimming pool.

The second floor will feature a fitness and weight training area (featuring mainly Nautilus equipment), as well as a running track that will run through the fitness and weight training area and above the basketball courts.

The cost of the entire Wellness Center/Strengthening and Conditioning project is $21 million. Of that amount, $9.5 million has already been provided by the state and the University has raised $1.5 privately. While the state is being solicited for additional funds to help cover the remaining $10 million, the University is also planning on raising money through the sale of bonds.

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