New Student Pre-Participation Examination Procedure


Prior to participating in any of our intercollegiate sports, all NEW ATHLETES to DSU are required to pass a sports medicine pre-participation examination (PPE), which is performed by our team physician.  All athletes must follow the following procedure for their PPE:


  1. Athletes need to go to the DSU website to download, print, and completely fill out the First Year Athlete Pre-Participation Exam forms.  The links are:
    1. Health Form (outside physical, signed by an MD, DO or LNP ONLY)
    2. First Year Athlete Pre-Participation Packet (Attached Above)


  1. In addition to the above forms please bring in the listed documents for your scheduled physical appointment:
    1. Proof and Results of Sickle Cell Testing
    2. Insurance Cards (Health, Dental, Prescription)


  1. Athletes must wear shorts/sports bra or tank top for their PPE; if the athlete is not properly dressed then he/she will not receive their physical.


  1. If the Student Athlete has any prior medical conditions (i.e. past surgeries, heart issues, sickle cell trait, medical tests [MRI, EKG, Echocardiogram, etc.), make sure to bring in doctor notes and test results with you to your appointment. 


  1. Finally, all forms must be brought and filled out entirely or you will not get your sports physical and you will not be allowed to participate in your sport.  Feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you for complying with these procedures.



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