The Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC) is committed to addressing the unique challenges that face student-athletes at James Madison University.  In conjunction with JMU Athletics, the CSDC offers Clinical Sport Psychology services to all JMU student-athletes.  Dr. Wendy Borlabi is a staff psychologist at the CSDC and serves as the liaison with the Athletic Department.


As a student-athlete, one may experience difficulties balancing academic and athletic demands.   The CSDC can provide a supportive environment to empower student-athletes to achieve personal, academic and athletic goals in the context of individual and/or group counseling.  Counseling at the CSDC frequently addresses issues such as:  


 - Sadness

 - Loneliness

 - Homesickness

 - Anxiety/Stress

 - Relationship Issues

 - Family Problems

 - Substance Abuse

 - Injury

 - Anger

 - Body Image

 - Depression

 - Self Esteem



Ø     Counseling provides the athlete the opportunity to talk to a therapist about issues that might be preventing him/her from enjoying life or achieving his/her potential academically, personally, and athletically.


Ø     Counseling provides a safe environment for the athlete.


Ø     All counseling sessions and appointments are confidential, thus will not be revealed to teammates, coaches, athletic trainers, professors, or anyone else without written permission from the athlete.


**For more information about confidentiality and the CSDC, go to Sport Psychology or contact Dr. Wendy Borlabi at 568.6552 or