Mental Training Consultant

Challace McMillin, EdD


Years at JMU: 38


Office Hours:

Plecker APC

Mon by appointment

Tues 11am-noon, 1-2pm

Wed by appointment

Thurs 11am-noon, 1-2pm

Fri by appointment


*available at other times by appointment as well





     Dr. Challace McMillin received his undergraduate degree in biology from Rhodes College in 1964.  He received his masters in Administration and Supervision of Secondary Education in 1974 from The University of Memphis.  In 1990 he received his Doctorate in Sport Psychology from the University of Virginia.


     He began his professional career in 1964 as head coach of football and track at Munford High School in Munford, Tennessee.  He also taught history at Munford.  In 1966 he accepted a coaching and teaching position at Memphis University School (MUS), in Memphis Tennessee.   At MUS, he served as an assistant coach in football and track and field and taught biology.  In 1968 he became athletic director, head football and head track and field coach at West Wood High School in Memphis, Tennessee.  He also taught biology at Westwood.   


     In 1971 he became Director of Housing and gave birth to the track and field and cross country programs at Madison College (now James Madison University) in Harrisonburg, Virginia.   In 1972 he started the football program at Madison College.  He resigned as track and field and cross country coach in 1975 but continued as head football coach until 1984.  He also taught in the Kinesiology Department beginning in 1974. His teaching areas were coaching education, sport sociology and sport psychology.  He continued to teach in the Kinesiology Department until his retirement in 2003.  During this time he also worked as a Mental Training Coach for JMU athletes and teams and athletes outside JMU. 


     At the present he works at JMU as a Mental Training Coach for JMU teams, coaches and individual athletes.  He also continues to work as a private consultant in the area of mental training.  As a mental training coach, he emphasizes performance enhancement for the athlete both in and out of the athletic arena.   


Philosophy Regarding Mental Training for Athletes    


     As an athlete, coach/teacher and now mental training coach, I have always believed that the mental aspect of sport is the most important element.  As a coach/teacher I emphasized the importance of each player as a person and the importance of helping them develop their mental skills.  Teaching/coaching is touching another person’s life and that is what I am all about.  I want to help athletes identify their mental skills and help them become their own “mental training coach.”   This will help them maximize their sporting experiences.   Coaching/teaching is ‘touching now and tomorrow’ and that is my passion.