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James Madison University Fight Song lyrics

Madison, James Madison,

We are the Dukes of JMU

Madison, James Madison,

The fighting Dukes of JMU

Fight for Glory-- Honors Won

Brighten the Lights of Madison

Madison, James Madison,

Show your Colors

Proud and True

We are the Dukes of JMU


"The JMU fight song is one of the most unique school songs in America College Fight Songs," said former band director, Dr. Pat Rooney.  “It has an uplifting 'jazzy' sound that really matches the spirit of Madison and everything we are."


The fight song was written by Dr. George West a former JMU faculty member.  The original song, called "We are the Madisonians," was actually written as a show tune for the university's old singing and dancing group, the "Madisonians."


Dr. West added words to the song and revised it for the newly formed marching band in the late '70s.  Dr. Rooney became band director in 1982 and began using the song as the regular fight song, creating the version we use today.  Over the years, lots of input from students and staff has made the fight song what it is today.


"There are a lot of "inside jokes and stories" about the fight song including the motions, etc. that we use," said Dr. Rooney.


While it is unlikely the fight song will undergo any drastic changes in the near future, Dr. Rooney feels certain more personal touch, keeping the song fresh and meaningful to future generations of JMU students.




“The fight song represents school pride through enthusiasm and unity,”- Bobby Winschel, Class of ‘08


"I love the fight song and everything it stands for.  Here at JMU we strive to be the change, and after singing the fight song I have the drive to do so."- Ashley Smith, Class of ’09.


"I can't imagine JMU athletics without the fight song. It would be like D-Hall without grilled cheese Thursdays." ’Erik Pitzer, former president of the Student Duke Club, Class of ‘07


"The fight song shows a sense of pride and spirit.  When the student section starts to sing together, it makes me feel like I am part of something incredible. It reminds me of how great it is to be a Duke!"- Teresa Garbee, Class of ‘07