As a freshman, Lippincott won the silver medal at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics in the 200-meter dash.  At the Olympiad, he also brought home a bronze medal in the 100-meter dash.  Both times were enough to set collegiate records, and his time in the 200-meter race was an American record as well.  Later in 1912, Lippincott ran the 100-meter dash in world record time, and in 1913, set the world mark in the 200-yard dash.


Lippincott was dubbed “World’s Fastest Human” for nine years, and he had the accolades to prove it.  Besides his Olympic achievements, he earned All-America status three times, in 1912 for the 100-meter dash and in 1912 and 1913, for the 200-meter dash.  In 1913, Lippincott was also the 200-meter IC4A champion.


Off the track, Lippincott was president of the Class of 1915, and he helped in establishing the Class of ’15 Award for the male who best excels both athletically and academically.  Lippincott also helped establish the annual football club dinner.