The University of Pennsylvania earned two United States Telegraphic Intercollegiate Swimming championships in 1939 and 1940, and Jane Allison McCollister was the captain of both of these teams.  In 1939, she was the national 100-yard freestyle champion and, over the course of her career, set a record in the 40-yard backstroke.  On relay teams, she guided her teammates to set records in the 100-freestyle relay and the three-person, 75-yard medley in 1939.


In the 1939 championship meet, McCollister won all seven of the events she competed in, as Penn won the Eastern title by 14 points over Swarthmore.


In the 125-team championship meet hosted by Penn in 1940, the medley relay team, with McCollister swimming backstroke, broke their own mark, bringing their time down to 46 seconds flat.  Prior to attending Penn, McCollister was the junior-national mile champion.


McCollister also competed on Penn’s archery and softball teams.