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Pioneer Perspectives
Courtesy: Denver Athletics  
Release: 07/29/2008

I.    Improved efficiencies, communication and practices
A.    Fully Funded Programs elimination of TIER A/TIER B
B.    Adidas deal work study work pool
C.    Customer services improvement improved business/travel/expenditure practices

II.    Shared vision and voice One DU    
A.    Strategic Plan
B.    Marketing and branding of DENVER
C.    Increased visibility and success of ALL programs
1.    Recreation
2.    Club Programs
3.    Varsity Programs
D.    Apparel Sales Success
E.    New radio home, better TV package, web casting

III.    Achievement/success of Soccer Stadium/Training Complex
A.    Funding secured / match $ from university
B.    Program/project scope completed
C.    Construction will start August/September, anticipated completion is FALL 2009

IV.    Continued growth, development and success of our sport programs.
A.    Sports Academy Director’s Cup #47
B.    Division I-AAA Champion
C.    DU Skiing NCAA Championship Title, White House Visit
D.    3 NCAA Individual Champions
E.    10 DU Teams went to NCAA’s
F.    6 Conference Titles
G.    8 Coaches of the Year
H.    SBC Academic Award 7th Straight Year
I.    3 NCAA Post Graduate Scholarships
J.    Coaches & Staff in national leadership roles/positions/boards “leaders & best”
Pass Camp sold out
Coors membership Sales
Customer service & global approach in management & supervision
Joy Burns Construction project success/on time, while still meeting budget

V.    Continue efforts leading to other conference affiliations

Overall success combined with improvement in RPI and increased attendance -
PLUS demonstrated leadership on a respected national level.

Strategic Plan Formation
Weekly updates & Reporting/Charting efforts
Formation of Sub Committees
Budget Development Allocation
    University & BOT support and guidance

Facts and Realities of this past year
    We have begun to have a shared vision

    We have started to work as a team
        Strategic Plan Sub Committees
        Apparel Sales Efforts

History and Traditions Task Force committee

Campus Communications Committee

    We were asked to do more with less
    We were faced with new/difficult challenges
    We were asked to grow, change and adapt

    We were asked to lead and WE ARE

We are today facing those challenges and even with all of the significant strides we have made, the successes we have enjoyed the real work is still in front of us.

The “fun” is just beginning.....!!

What lies ahead of us is indeed a unique and monumental challenge.

How do we:

Continue to have a division that exemplifies the mission of the university’s commitment of being a private university to public good and to demonstrate excellence for the highest ethical standards in leadership and service.

Our blue print to chart our path to success is based on our:

Collective efforts and talents - Athletics and across campus
Execution of our Strategic Plan
A shared vision and commitment to excellence

This year our focus, our goals will be the following:

1.    Secure all funding needed for the completion of the Soccer Stadium and Training Complex we need more or less $2,000,000 by August 2008 to complete the project.

2.    Increase the level of gifts to our Endowed Scholarships Program.  An increase of 25% would equate to gifts in the amount of $425,000 and raise the market value of our endowment to over $5,000,000.

    The market value of Endowed Scholarships in March 2005 was $1,700,000.
    The market value of Endowed Scholarships today is $4,500,000.
    New gifts for FY08 were $330,000.
    CSU is just beginning an Endowed Scholarship Program they are at ground zero
    CU has $2,000,000 in their Endowed Scholarship Program

3.    Increase our university branding initiative increase apparel sales, improved marketing efforts, increase media exposure through radio, television and video streaming.

4.    Increase our attendance for basketball by outreach to our DU community specifically DU students, alumni, faculty and staff.  Student centered promotions and in-game entertainment.

5.    Continue to increase the programming opportunities for our DU students through club, intramural and recreation opportunities.

6.    Continued growth and development of our sport programs our goal being to strive to be one of the top two programs in our conference, a graduation rate of 85% and an overall team GPA of 3.0 or better for all of our sport programs.

7.    Increase revenue streams and opportunities

    Hall of Fame
    On-line sales
    Increased ticket sales
    Increased donations and annual fund, endowment and capital gifts

8.    Continued emphasis on streamlined communication and improved customer service

9.    A continued commitment to the student a student centered approach in everything we do evident by:

    A commitment to SAAC, USGA
    Student welfare services
o    Counseling, advising, diversity initiatives, community service and leadership

10.    Demonstrated leadership

    on our DU campus
     the SBC
    the I-AAA
    the NCAA Leadership Council
    the NCAA USOC
    other significant leadership roles
Building a Winning Team ONE DU

    EARN the right to be a part of the PIONEER FAMILY
o    E energy, enthusiasm
o    A ability, accountability
o    R responsibility, respect
o    N nurturing the TEAM/FAMILY CONCEPT

    Characteristics of a WINNING TEAM
    Positive, Can-do Attitude
    Team player
    Enhances TEAM Chemistry

    Winner’s Think I can, count on me, what else can I do to improve our team.
    Loser’s Think - I can’t, excuses, inability to get the job done, uncaring and creates chaos ruins team chemistry.

Characteristics of a GREAT
DU Athletics & Recreation Staff Member

1)    Under Pressure Skills
Crisis management Coordinator
Problem Solver, Paid to handle adversity

2)               Organizational Skills
In order to lead you need to know where you are going.
Provide clear direction and expectations

3)       Communication Skills  
Clearly articulating the who, what, where, when and how’s to get the job done.

4)    Motivational Skills
5)              Technical Skills
Continue to Sharpen the Saw, grow and improve

You ARE an Environmental Engineer:
    Assess and evaluate
    Adjust or Adapt
We are all part of this wonderful team we already have begun to make significant strides, the best is yet to come!

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