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Dear Prospective Student-Athlete

Being a student-athlete requires a lot of hard work in the classroom and on the field/court/ice or in the pool. The Canisius College Athletic Department is dedicated to providing student-athletes with the necessary support to foster your success.

Academic Support Services is here for student-athletes to help with a number of academic and personal growth situations. 
Some of the typical support services provided on a regular basis are (services are not limited to list below):

  • Assistance with course choices and scheduling.
  • Connecting student-athletes with tutoring services.
  • Researching majors, degree planning, career path and personal counseling.
  • Development of time management skills.
  • Counseling student-athletes on appropriate class room behavior and communication.
  • Tracking of academic eligibility; helping student-athletes to understand their eligibility criteria and expectations.
  • Assisting student-athletes with development of academic recovery plans.
  • Advising the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).
  • Assisting students-athletes with scholarship and honors applications.
  • Coordination and implementation of life skills opportunities.
  • Coordination of study hall for student-athletes.
  • Development of competition travel contracts for student-athletes to share with their instructors.
  • Regular advisement meetings with academically at risk student-athletes.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone, or stop by in person KAC-227

Traci Murphy
Associate Athletic Director


Mary Bongiovanni
Graduate Assistant for Student-Athlete Academic Support Services