2014-15 Towson Cheerleading Tryouts

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“The team will be announced via the website, by close of business Tuesday, May 20,2014.”

TU Tryout Registration Process
STEP 1: Complete the 2014-2015 tryout registration paperwork and bring it completed in its entire to either the tryout clinic on May 16 or tryouts on May 17.

STEP 2: Report to the clinic on May 16th  OR tryouts on May 17th  to check in to tryouts. All tryouts to take place in Towson Center Arena. Click here for a map of campus to find the Towson Center or here to get directions. Please be aware on May 16, the MIAA Lacrosse Championship is going on in Unitas Stadium and tryout participants may be forced to find parking on main campus and walk to the Towson Center.

Tryout Dates and Times (May 16th, 17th, 18th, 2014)

Tryouts Day #1 - Friday, May 16, 2014 (Optional Clinic)

6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Optional clinic - Work on stunts, tumbling, etc. in a relaxed atmosphere. Clinic is open to transfer students, current and potential Towson students, and high school students that want to know what it's like to try out for college cheerleading.

Tryouts Day #2 - Saturday, May 17, 2014

9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.


Tryouts Day #3 - Sunday, May 18, 2014

9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Call Backs - Final Tryouts


  • You must be prompt each day. Late arrivals will result in a point deduction at tryouts.


All tryout participants MUST have the following documentation by TRYOUT, DAY # 2 in order to participate in tryouts.

  • Documentation from a physician of a physical examination within the last six (6) months (preparticipation physical form) from the first date of tryouts May 16, 2014 that clears the participant for participation in intercollegiate athletics, AND;
  • Documentation of sickle cell trait status. Tests are typically obtained at birth (see pediatrician) or tests can be obtained from the University Health Center, AND;
  • Have proof of valid personal /primary health insurance that provides coverage for intercollegiate athletic participation.

Tryout Location

Towson University
Towson Center Arena
Located off of Auburn Drive in Towson, Md.


 Registration Check List

 Registration Form

Indemnification Form

Preparticipation Physical Form

Copy of Insurance Card

Copy of Towson Acceptance Letter

Tryout Registrations in addition to all registration paperwork must be presented before participation may be allowed at any open practices, tryouts or Sunday's practice.


Tryout Eligibility

Tryouts are open to all incoming freshmen, current Towson University undergraduate or graduate students. 

Skill Requirements/Scoring Elements

Tryouts participants will be judged on the following elements:

  • Confidence, Spirit and Enthusiasm
  • Cheer"Leading" Ability
    • Strong motion technique
    • Strong voice
    • Energy
  • Standing Tumbling
    • Tuck is preferred
    • Spotters will not be provided at tryouts
    • All tumbling is performed on a dead floor (No springs)
    • Do not attempt any tumbling that you have not mastered and perfected prior to tryouts.
  • Running Tumbling
    • Running Tumbling ending with a tuck is required
    • Spotters will not be provided at tryouts
    • All tumbling is performed on a dead floor (No springs)
    • Do not attempt any tumbling that you have not mastered and perfected prior to tryouts.
  • Fight Song Routine
  • Dance
    • Strong motion technique
  • Jumps
    • Strong jumps (level toe touch(es))
  • Stunt - All-girl
    • Straight up heel stretch, quarter turn arabesque with a twisting dismount (must base, back or fly)
    • Do not attempt any stunts that you are not comfortable performing. If you have not perfected the skill prior to tryouts tell the coaches and we will work with you. Safety is our main focus.
  • Good Attitude
  • Physical Fitness
  • Collegiate Appearance

Tryout attire and appearance

Participants should look their best!


  • All female participants are expected to wear a white racer back tank top and black cheer shorts or fitted black spandex shorts. Hair should be styled and worn half-up, half-down with a bow.
  • Participants can feel free to pick a style (curly or straight) that best suits them.
  • Female participants should wear performance style make-up (foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.) Avoid all-star style glitter and metallic make-up. Make-up should be natural colors applied heavily with lipstick.
  • All tattoos should be fully covered.
  • All jewelry must be removed (covering piercings with tape is not acceptable) and all finger nails should short and safe.


  • Male participants should be well groomed and wear a white t-shirt and black athletic shorts.

Tryout Preparation Tips

TRYOUT TIP #1: Skills (gymnastics, stunting, etc.) are very important to being a Towson Cheerleader, as with any college program; however, being a good cheer"leader" is also very important.  We look for people that have the whole package; therefore, tryout participants should make sure that their motions and presence are strong.

TRYOUT TIP #2: Be in exceptional physical shape (you should be running, weight training, etc. prior to tryouts).

TRYOUT TIP #3: Be prepared to throw your tumbling on a regular cheer mat.  The Towson Cheerleaders cheer on the track and gym floor, in addition, the NCA College National Championship is on a regular cheer floor.  Therefore, the skills that you can do on a spring floor are no longer relevant in college.  Please be mentally prepared for that change.

TRYOUT TIP #4:  Be positive. Accept critiquing.  A bad attitude could cost you a position on the Towson Cheerleading Squad.

Video Tryout Information

It is strongly recommended that participants tryout in person; however, video tryouts are acceptable in certain situations.  Video tryouts must be received no later than May 1, 2014.  If you need to tryout by video, please send the video demonstrating the necessary skills to:

Edy Pratt, Head Cheerleading Coach
Towson University
Auburn House, Suite 200
8000 York Road
Towson, MD  21252


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