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Michael Wayman
Position: Head Coach
Alma Mater: USC
Graduating Year: 1975
Experience: 19 Years
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javascript: goPtp('KI/KISIAVBFYWAFBLW.20120131184740.jpg','2012 Mens Tennis Team Photo','Tod Fierner','/pics32/200/KI/KISIAVBFYWAFBLW.20120131184740.jpg','/pics32/0/KI/KISIAVBFYWAFBLW.20120131184740.jpg','')
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Michael Wayman has been the Head Men's Tennis Coach at Saint Mary's College since 1996. At the start of his career as a Gael Wayman served as the Tennis Director at the College, serving as the head men's coach, overseeing the women's program, and was the facility supervisor for the Timothy Korth Tennis Complex. Since the full-time hiring of women's tennis head coach Lisa Alipaz (2004-05), Wayman no long oversees the women's program, but remains the men's head coach and facility supervisor of the Timothy Korth Tennis Complex.

Wayman has seen much success as the men's tennis head coach and facility supervisor. Most recently, Wayman was acknowledged by the West Coast Conference, as he was named the 2007 WCC Coach of the Year. The award marks Wayman's second coach of the year award from the WCC offices, with his first being awarded following the Gaels' 2004 season.

Wayman coached back-to-back West Coast Conference Freshman of the Year in 2000 and 2001, with He has coached multiple All-WCC First Team players and several All-WCC Honorable Mention players. Wayman returns All-WCC Singles Second Teamer Joel Kusnierz for the 2008 season. Joining Kusnierz with WCC accolades is senior Achim Christner. Christner was named to the WCC Honorable Mention Team for singles and doubles following the 2006 season.

As the facility supervisor of the Timothy Korth Tennis Complex, Wayman has hosted five West Coast Conference Championships, with the most recent one occurring in 2006. As facility supervisor Wayman serves as the WCC Championship tournament director, which entails a variety of duties, such as coordinating the schedule with the WCC office, making arrangements for umpires and equipment, and overseeing any maintenance of the courts.

Wayman has excelled in global recruiting, as the 2008 roster includes a plethora of players from around the world, including members from France, Germany, Italy, as well as players from California, Oregon, and Washington.

Wayman brings an extensive coaching background with him to the Moraga campus. From 1984-85 he was the Tennis Professional at the Valley Vista Club in Walnut Creek, where he directed and advanced the junior and college player programs. Since 1990, the England native has coached the NCTA/USTA Zonal Championship teams and from 1986-1993, he directed the Junior Excellence Program for the Northern California Tennis Association. In addition to giving private lessons, Wayman also coaches youth clinics through the Saint Mary's Summer Camp Program. A 1975 graduate from the University of Southern California, Wayman majored in History and History of Art. A four-year letter winner with the Trojans, he was a two-time First Team All-American and was a three-time Dean's List honoree.

After his graduation from USC, Wayman was a touring professional on the ATP Grand Prix Circuit (1975-1983), competing in a variety of major tournaments, including Wimbledon, the Unites States Open, the United States Indoors, WCT, and World Team Tennis.

Born in Dulwich, England, Wayman and his wife Nancy reside in Martinez, CA.