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Home to over 300 CU varsity student-athletes, where each one is trained by our certified staff in an individualized and
sport-specific manner.


  • 10 POWER-LIFT Olympic Platforms
  • 16 POWER-LIFT Multi-Racks
  • Over 24,000 Lbs. of Weight
  • Dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs to 160 lbs
  • Uesaka Bumper Plates
  • 10,000 Square Feet Weight Room

We have two goals for all of our student-athletes:

  • We strive to prevent injuries. We keep our athletes healthy and able to compete at all cost.
  • Our training focuses on improving all aspects of athletic performance. We work on improving strength, power, lineal speed, lateral speed and agility, first step quickness, balance and body control. By improving performance in each of these areas our goal is not to make you a better weightlifter, but a better athlete.

We accomplish these goals with our athletes by utilizing a combination of Plyometrics, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Core and Stability Training, and the most up to date movement training available. Overall, we look to improve our athlete’s playing ability by making them stronger, quicker, and more explosive...