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The Sports Video department at the University of Colorado-Boulder services all 16 varsity sports for the University's athletic department.  The primary focus of the department is with the football program, providing detailed video support for the coaches and players, who use this resource for grading and analysis.  The students are an integral part of the success of the Sports Video department, providing critical staffing needs to meet the demands of the coaching staffs that the department serves.  In addition to the primary tasks of videotaping football games and practices, the Sports Video department also provides video support to volleyball and soccer, in the form of game day shooting, and men's and women's basketball, staffing practices and games for those two sports. 

The Sports Video department accomplishes its primary mission utilizing a wide range of equipment and software.  Acquiring video in the formats of Betacam, SuperVHS, and DV from major manufacturers Sony, Panasonic and JVC.  The staff must be familiar with a each camera system to allow for a maximum amount of flexibility among shooters.  Each format must also have an accompanying playback VTR so that all of the video acquired can be digitized into the primary evaluation software used by the various sports.

For the football program, our primary software vendor for video analysis and game planning is XOS Technologies.  In 2000, the University of Colorado football program became the first college organization in the country to sign on with Knowledge, Inc. (KI) for its video analysis and game planning.  KI has since been acquired by XOS Technologies and the partnership continues with significant upgrades of software planned for the 2004.  Software provided to the school by XOS gives the football coaching staff the ability to seamlessly integrate drawings with video to enhance the learning ability of the players.  Pending software upgrades will give the Sports Video department enhanced capability to provide learning tools to the staff in the form of DVD copies of practices and games for planning and analysis.