Columbia Strength & Conditioning Facility
Courtesy: Columbia University Athletics/Mike McLaughlin


In 1995, Columbia opened the state of the art Aldo T. "Buff" Donelli Intercollegiate Strength & Conditioning Room which serves all of Columbia's intercollegiate athletic teams. The 2.5 million dollar project was named after the coach of Columbia's 1961 Ivy League championship football team and was donated by the captain of that team, Bill Campbell '62CC, the current Chair of Columbia's Trustees.

The 6,000 square foot facility includes 20,000 pounds of free weight, 6 multi-faceted exercise platforms, and eight self-contained power racks. The open layout enables athletes to exercise at a station for the duration of their workouts. In addition to its practicality, the strength room maintains a historic feel, comforming to the architectural design of the old Columbia pool, over which it was built.

Description of Equipment

The Donelli Intercollegiate Strength Room is equipped with the following pieces:

  • Sorinex Modular Olympic Platforms with half racks
  • Pro Star 10 feet Double Half Rack systems
  • Kell 45* Inverted Leg Press
  • Pro Star Glute/Ham Developers
  • Samson Reverse Hyperextension Machine
  • Pro Star Reverse Hyperextension Machine
  • Eleiko Sport Rubber Olympic Training Plates
  • York Olympic Weights/Bars

Photos of the Aldo T. "Buff" Donelli Intercollegiate Strength & Conditioning Room

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