August 21, 2008


This is quickly becoming my favorite time of the year as students and parents, filled with excitement as both enter the next chapter of their lives, start descending on our campus.  Parents will see their son or daughter leave home for the first time with the expectation they will earn a college degree and develop into great citizens.  And the student will pursue their dreams with the expectation of great athletic and academic achievement.

Speaking of great athletic achievement, I want to remind everyone of the Hall of Fame ceremony on September 12th, as we continue honoring the members of our inaugural Hall of Fame class.  The Hall of Fame has been a wonderful experience for our inductees and their families but it also is a tremendous inspiration and motivation for all of our young student-athletes.  By reaching into the past, we can present tangible evidence that athletic success on a national scale occurs at the University of Idaho.  

It is extremely satisfying to frequently observe our student-athletes walking by our Hall of Fame and observe the following:

- The outstanding professional football careers of John Friesz, John Yarno, Wayne Walker, Jerry Kramer and Jeff Robinson.

- Track and field accomplishments of Dan O’Brien and Tawanda Chiwira.

- The incredible basketball performance of our 1982 “Sweet 16” men’s basketball team.

- The 1986 women’s basketball WNIT championship.

- The national championships won by our 1940 and 1941 boxing teams 

I do want to thank our Hall of Fame Committee, Ken Jones (Chair), Benny Blick, Bob Curtis, Kathy Clark, Maureen Taylor-Regan, Yogi Teevens, Kevin Ketchie (President’s Office representative), Becky Paull, and Jerry Meyerhoffer.  It was a difficult process for this committee to go back over 112 years of our athletic history to choose the many deserving student-athletes, coaches and teams. 

The Hall of Fame is a special event and I hope that you can attend as we honor the past and showcase the future.