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Commonly Asked Questions
Who makes my course schedule?
You are required to create your own schedule with the help of your advisor and/or the Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office.

Who do I see for scheduling issues?
If you can not resolve the issue on your own, seek the assistance of your academic advisor, the student advisement center, or the 
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office.

What happens when I miss class for travel game?
All student-athletes are required to share their travel dates with instructors and discuss the impact that absences will have as soon as possible. The instructor and the student-athlete will both sign a contract agreeing to those absences.

What's the best way to contact the 
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office?
Please feel free to e-mail Traci Murphy (, call (716-888-2958), or stop by KAC-227 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How do I get tutoring assistance if I need it?
The tutoring center offers tutors for many subjects. If the tutoring center does not provide a tutor for a specific subject, or there is a conflict with scheduling, other arrangements can be made through the 
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office.

Is it mandatory that I attend study hall?
Study hall is mandatory for the following groups of student-athletes.
•    First-semester freshmen
•    First-semester transfers
•    Student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or lower
•    Student-athletes whose previous GPA was 2.0 or lower
•    Non-Qualifiers
Student-athletes are notified in the beginning of each semester as to their required hours.

How do I get involved with SAAC?
Each team has two SAAC representatives who are chosen by the head coach. If you are interested in becoming a representative for your team, you should inform your coach of your interest and consistently demonstrate positive leadership abilities. 

What should I do if my class is too hard?
If you are not doing well in a course and feel you are at risk of failing, you can withdrawal from that course within a certain time period (check the Academic Calendar for dates) as long as you do not drop below 12-credit hours. You must see the 
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office in order to withdrawal from a class and to check NCAA eligibility.

I’m thinking about changing my major. What steps do I need to take?
When a student-athlete changes a major its important that the 
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office is consulted first to ensure that NCAA eligibility is not in jeopardy. Please do not submit change of major paperwork before speaking with the Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office.

I am having an issue with a professor, what can I do?
It is important to let 
Student-Athlete Academic Support Services office know so that she can provide you with assistance and guidance in resolving the situation.