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October 2011

This is the last part of a three-part series that focuses on future athletic facilities. 

One of the most discussed topics surrounding University of Idaho Athletics is the topic of athletic facilities and what is next.  During the first part of my tenure as Director of Athletics we focused on improving the daily facilities used by our student-athletes.  As part of this transformation we:

·         Opened a new strength and conditioning center

·         Renovated the outdoor practice field

·         Modernized the training and equipment rooms

·         Constructed new team rooms

·         Replaced the turf inside the Dome

·         Refurbished locker rooms for football, swimming, women’s basketball, and track and field

·         Restored/Reconstructed the Dan O’Brien outdoor track and field complex

As part of our overall facility strategy, we completed a master plan and feasibility study in 2007 that provided us with the long range plan for renovating the Kibbie Dome, identifying a location for an events center, and securing locations for an indoor track facility.  This study has been the impetus for the recent Kibbie Dome renovation project. 

So where do we go from here?  The number one short-term facility priority is the renovation of the women’s soccer locker room.  Long-term we must find a way to construct an events center that will be located on the north side of the Kibbie Dome.  This location could take advantage of the north facing Kibbie Dome concourse and utilize the existing parking on the westend.   

From an athletics perspective, the construction of an Events Center is the next large facility priority.  An Events Center would enhance our residential campus and provide our basketball programs with a permanent home.  Construction of an Events Center then would allow us to focus on increasing the capacity of the Dome by lowering the field and expanding into the west end.  Check the schematic above to see the location of the events center and Dome expansion possibilities. 

Time to go to work!  Go Vandals!