Coaches Quotes on Joining the Big Ten

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football Coach Bo Pelini
On his thoughts on the switch to the Big Ten

"Well, I'm familiar with the Big Ten Conference growing up in Ohio and (having) played there. It's a great conference. It has great reputation. We're excited about it, but we're in a situation where everybody knows my philosophy, we concentrate on the task at hand and the task at hand is what we have coming up here in September. Our full concentration right now is on being the best football team we can be in the fall."

On saying goodbye to some old Big 12 rivalries but gaining some new ones in the Big Ten
"I'm not a real emotional guy (laughter). You all know that."

Nebraska Men's Basketball Coach Doc Sadler
Opening Statement
"I know as far as we're concerned we're just kind of glad that it's over with. There's been a lot of speculation, and no one likes speculation. As Coach Osborne said, he's kept us in loop pretty good, and everybody was pretty much on the same page. I would say the same things; you're disappointed because you're leaving some friends, but at the same time it gives you a chance to make some new ones. The Big Ten, just like Nebraska football, you remember Tom Osborne and things. At my age, I remember the Bobby Knights, and the Johnny Orrs and Bill Frieders, who I worked for. I haven't kept up with them lately, but I'll be excited when they do make the change to go forward."

On if his style of play is better suited for the Big Ten
"I don't know. I haven't really given it much thought. I haven't watched any Big Ten basketball because we haven't played anybody. I think the style that we play is good anywhere. Defensively is always going to be the biggest key. I know I've read some reports about our points scored. Believe me, I'd rather be scoring in the 90s and 100s and not worry about that. But there's not any league that's going to be easy for us. I understand that. It's our job to be competitive, and I think that we are right now in the Big 12. When we go over to the Big Ten, we'll be competitive also."

On how this affects Nebraska's recruiting abilities
"As Coach Osborne said, I think it really helps us in recruiting. It gives us an area (to recruit); as he mentioned earlier, weather is something that you fight. Now it's going to give us an opportunity to recruit Minnesota and Iowa and Illinois, and even Michigan maybe some, and Indiana, because those kids grew up wanting to play there. I'm excited about that part of it. I think it gives us, for the first time, a legit area that we can really concentrate on."

On how exciting the switch is
"I think it's exciting for everybody. Talking to the wrestling coaches, every team wrestles. Bo (Pelini) hit it on the nail. Obviously we've got to be concerned about this year. This stuff is happening a year from now. If I had my vote, we'd just take the year off, but they didn't give me that vote, so we're going to get ready for this year and when it does come next July, we'll be ready and we'll be excited."

On how this affects scheduling
"We were real close to doing a deal with Iowa, as everybody knows. So we'll have to re-look at that. It was a situation where we were going to play Iowa next year, I think in Des Moines, and they were coming back to Omaha. But obviously with the league changing over we'll probably have to look at that. But they're the only Big Ten team, even though we've tried to play all of them. We've made calls to all of them over the years to play. That's the only one that we have."

On the number of conference games
"I don't know that anybody knows what's going to happen there. Obviously with 18 games in the past, I don't know if they're going to stay at 18 or go to 20, (or) are they going to go to 16? All those things again, whatever they decide, I know that they're going to make the decision in the best interest of the league and that's good."

On if he'd like to play some current Big 12 teams in the future
"Sure, sure. Even though there are some difficult games and some games that people think they're not any fun, they really are fun. There's nothing like going to Allen Fieldhouse. There's nothing like going to Kansas State, Iowa State, all those places. The teams are not any fun, but the places are really good. We'll be looking at continuing if people want to, sure."

On the increase in the number of NCAA Tournament teams and now this change
"I think as everybody is finding out, I don't think anything in college athletics is here to stay. I think change is like everything else, there's going to be change. You deal with what's happening right now and when there's more change, then you deal with that."


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