Prospective Student-Athlete
Any student who has entered the ninth grade.

Official Visit
A visit to a college campus paid in whole or in part by the college. Official visits can be no longer than 48 hours. A prospective student-athlete is limited to five official visits, and one visit per university.

Unofficial Visit
A visit made to a college campus at the prospect’s expense. The college may provide free tickets to an on-campus athletic event in which the college team competes. Transportation to view off-campus practice or competition sites within 30-mile radius are also allowable. There is not limit on the number of unofficial visits a prospect can make.

National Letter of Intent
Official documentation administered by the Collegiate Commissioners Association and used by universities to establish a prospect’s commitment to attend a certain university.

Recruiting Contact
Any face-to-face, off-campus encounter between a prospect, prospect’s parents (or legal guardian) or relative and a college staff employee or athletics representative; if the conversation goes beyond a greeting.

Recruiting Evaluation
Any off-campus activity designed to assess a prospect’s academic qualifications or athletic ability. This includes reviewing transcripts on the high school campus or watching practices or games.