Keeping in mind the definition of a prospect listed above, here are the basic rules regarding contact between coaches at Division I NCAA institutions and recruitable student-athletes. Again, these are outlines, and as NCAA rules can be complex, please contact our compliance office if you have any questions.

Prior to July 1 of the junior year
Coaches may only email or mail generic information, and are not allowed to call or make contact off-campus. Prospects can call a coach, but the coach cannot return messages. Potential student-athletes can meet with a coach on-campus.
In the sports offered by the Lady Razorbacks, our coaches may also make one phone call to a prospect during the month of March of the junior year. In addition, the Lady'Back basketball staff can make a call after June 21.

At the beginning of the senior year
In most sports, this is July 1 on the calendar. Coaches are now allowed to call prospects or parents once a week defined as the period from Sunday to Saturday. If you are not home and the coach leaves a message, that does not count as a phone call for the week. However, if the coach and parents discuss anything beyond when to call back, the call counts as the phone call for the week.
A recruit can call the coach as many times as they want during a week, and can call our coaches at our expense -- either collect or with a toll free number provided by our coaches. If you leave a message for a coach and the coach has already used the one call that week they cannot return the message until the end of the week.

Mail Snail and E-Mail
Only generic letters are allowed before the start of the junior year, but after September 1 of the junior year a coach may send and receive unlimited contacts with a prospect by regular mail or email.

Text Messaging
Per NCAA rules & regulations, it is not permissible for coaches to send text messages to prospective student-athletes. It is permissible for a coach to send text messages to prospective student-athlete who has signed a NLI with their institution.

In Person
During “evaluation periods” a coach cannot talk to you or your parents.
In many sports, the coach can come to your high school to watch practice, but may not be allowed to speak with you.

Visits to our Campus
You can take one official paid visit to our campus. The NCAA allows each student the chance to take a total of five official visits. Prospects can make as many unofficial visits as they wish. New regulations that require the use of commercial transportation to and from our campus and provide new structure to all recruiting visits are in effect for this year.