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October 13, 2007

Postgame Conference
UCF Head Coach George O’Leary
October 13, 2007

On the game –
“Well, what can you say? You have to give credit where it’s due. I think, again, they controlled the line of scrimmage and I thought their defense was really the difference in the ball game. We didn’t do anything offensively the whole day. I thought they put our defense into some bad situations in the first half and I thought we were making the effort. We got sloppy in the second and gave up some plays we shouldn’t give up. 

“I do give South Florida credit. They came out and won the line-of-scrimmage game and basically really took our offense out of flight in the run game and the pass game. They did a heck of a job. So, I salute the South Florida defense. I think they had a great game. Offensively, their guys made plays. Their quarterback made plays all day long and our guys didn’t. That’s the difference in the game.”

On the running game –
“I thought our offensive line basically didn’t play very well and their defense played very well. Give credit to them. I thought they were quicker than we were blocking. They made plays and too many big plays—tackles for losses and sacks that we can’t overcome. And we didn’t do a good job in consistency at the quarterback positions. But I give credit to them. I think our offensive line, which was playing well, was basically out-played. ”

On if this was the low point for him at UCF -
“It’s low in the stand point on where you are trying to take the program and you want to make sure everyone else wants to take it with you on the team. The thing I look at when it gets to a game like that is the effort and do the kids keep the consistency that you want to keep. I think for the most part the kids we count on week-in and week-out gave good effort. We were never in synch offensively all day. I think we put our defense on the field way too many times three-and-out. And I thought they did a good job in the first half. In the second half we gave up some sloppy touchdowns you can’t give up.”

Postgame Player Comments
UCF Players
October 13, 2007

Kyle Israel QB

On the game and what went wrong—
"We didn't get off to a quick start and it went downhill from there. I can't really explain what went on out there. I don’t have any answers for it now. But we never really got it going in the running game or the passing game. They played extremely hard and they had a good scheme for what we were doing. They are a good team and we have to give them credit for that. They look like they were playing like the number five team in the country."

On the mistakes made in last week's game and fixing them/moving forward –
"You obviously want to move past the mistakes made last week and it’s a goal of ours to keep going. Today, I don’t know how much it was the mistakes, we were just out worked and outplayed from the line of scrimmage. I think they made a lot more plays than we did today and you have to give credit to them for what. It never got clicking is what it was. Period. And that’s the end of the story."

On the final score -
"I can't believe anybody would beat us like that. But with a loss like this there's nothing we can do but move past this. There's not a lot you can do about a loss like this. All we can do is go back and watch film and fix our mistakes. The best thing for UCF is that this isn't a conference game. USF played like they were a number five ranked team."

Cory Hogue LB
On the game -
"This whole week we've been working so hard and it's disappointing to lose like that. He's (Matt Grothe) a real good athlete and had a real good game and is having a good season."

One looking past this game -
I keep telling them that conference games are the biggest games. This game wasn't a conference game. We did lose but it's not going to determine whether we win the conference championship or go to a bowl game. The rest of the games from here on out are conference games so we really need to bear down and go get it.

On the defenses play -
We got put in some bad situations but the defense has to step it up and we didn't.

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