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November 15, 2008

USF vs. Rutgers
Postgame Quotes
Nov. 15, 2008

Defensive Coordinator Wally Burnham
You learn both ways, by winning and by losing. You learn to get better by losing.
We were trying to protect the deep balls and we accomplished that for about a half. The missed tackles were devastating for our defense.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Gregory
We won't know until we watch the tape what we were doing wrong. There were a number of plays that were difficult to explain. The fumbles, the non-scoring drives, we will not know for sure until we review those plays on tape.

The dropped passes are a real hard thing to explain. Our players know that. I felt like we were successful in moving the ball, we just kind of shot ourselves in the foot with some of the dropped passes.

USF Defensive End George Selvie
We started fast but we had some bad positioning there. That is no excuse but we were trying to make some big plays. We really do not like to give up that many points. We just need to work real hard in preparing for Connecticut.


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