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Athletic Medical Insurance Coverage at Dartmouth

Dear Dartmouth Parent or Guardian,

On behalf of the Sports Medicine staff and the Varsity Sports Office, welcome to the 2007 2008 Dartmouth athletics season.  Each of us looks forward to a safe and successful year in athletics.  We are committed to providing excellent athletic medical service to all Dartmouth student-athletes as they seek excellence in their chosen sports.

The Dartmouth Sports Medicine staff, who report directly to the Director of Health Services, consists of nine full-time certified athletic trainers, each of whom is assigned to specific sports teams throughout the year.  In addition, we provide an orthopedic clinic in our Davis Varsity House athletic training room several afternoons each week.  The orthopedic clinics are staffed by senior orthopedic residents from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and work under the direction of Dr. Charles Carr, the Dartmouth orthopedic team physician.  The Sports Medicine staff also works closely with the health care providers at “Dick Hall’s House”, the facility that houses the College Health Service, to ensure quality medical care.  All services rendered by our staff and appointments in our Varsity House orthopedic clinic are provided free of charge, including routine x-rays taken at the College Health Service.

Despite our best preventative efforts athletic injuries will occur, many of which will require specialty medical services outside of the College.  It is very important that you understand that Dartmouth College does not provide or carry medical insurance coverage for varsity athletes or any other special activities group.  All medical expenses incurred (including deductibles, co-payments and other charges) for treatment of athletic related injuries is the responsibility of the student-athlete.  This includes expenses related to MRI’s, bone scans, lab tests, hospitalization, surgery, emergency room services, emergency transportation, physical therapy, chiropractic care or other alternative treatments, lost corrective lenses, or medications to treat injuries, illnesses or other medical conditions.  This policy applies regardless of whether or not the injury was sustained in an official practice or competition while representing Dartmouth College, either on our campus or while visiting another institution.

While Dartmouth does not provide athletic insurance coverage, we do offer a limited ability to help student-athletes defray medical expenses incurred as the result of an injury directly related to varsity athletic participation.  While funds are available, we will reimburse 80% of out-of-pocket costs after a $250 annual deductible.  For students who are receiving a Pell Grant or are Pell-eligible, this deductible is waived.  Student-athletes or parents who have questions about this fund should contact Drew Galbraith, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Administration (603-646-1496 or  In addition, the NCAA provides a Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program that covers certain medical expenses exceeding $75,000.

All active Dartmouth students are required to provide proof of medical insurance upon enrollment at the College.  Full-time students must either enroll in the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) or have an approved waiver for coverage under an existing family medical insurance policy.

We strongly recommend that you consider enrolling in the Dartmouth sponsored insurance plan (DSGHP).  This plan provides excellent coverage for sports medicine care in and out of the Hanover area, including international travel.  Enrolling in the DSGHP plan will also ensure that evaluations and studies, such as MRI’s will not have to be delayed until prior authorization is obtained and will not have to be done in a facility that is operated or approved by your particular insurer or HMO.  The DSGHP plan also provides generous pharmacy benefits covering 100% of most prescription medications purchased at the Dartmouth College Pharmacy.

We understand that this is an important issue for student-athletes and their families. Please review your own personal medical insurance policy prior to making this important decision regarding medical insurance.  Be aware that when purchasing the DSGHP, deductibles and co-payments are still in effect.  

More detailed information regarding DSGHP and other information detailing College Health Service policies were sent to you in a separate mailing.  This information is also available on the web site  If you should have any questions regarding this information please feel free to contact us, or if you would like information on the DSGHP call (603) 646-9438, (603) 646-9439, or email



Jeff Frechette Brian Austin
Head Athletic Trainer Senior Associate Athletic Director
(603) 646-2472 (603) 646-2871