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Policy For Club Sport Athletes

Dartmouth College Sports Medicine Department recognizes the colleges' club sport athletes and their need for athletic health care. However, due to increasing demands of both our intercollegiate programs and also the club sport programs we have come to the point at which we feel we must clearly define and limit the scope of services we have provided to the club sport athletes in the past. While we regret the need to limit these services, in order to appropriately service our intercollegiate programs this is a necessary step. Therefore, the sports medicine staff will observe the following guidelines.

Athletic training service to club sport athletes will be limited to the following;

1. Evaluation of injuries incurred while participating in club sport activities.

2. Provide advice concerning injury care, exercise prescriptions, and return to play.

3. Offer referral to our Sports Medicine Orthopedic clinic as is appropriate and as space permits.

4. Pre-practice taping. (Only after an evaluation and recommendation of a staff athletic trainer).

5. * We will no longer provide modality treatments, which include Ultrasound, Electrical Muscle Stimulation or Hydrotherapy.

Club sport athletes seeking these services MUST utilize our morning hours in the Davis Varsity House Training Room. These hours are 9am to Noon Monday through Friday, unless otherwise posted. This will be strictly adhered to. We will no longer accept club sport athletes in the Davis Varsity House Athletic Training Room between the hours of 1pm to 6pm, with specific exceptions as listed below.

In the event a significant injury is sustained during club sport activities, which occurs during our normal hours of operation, we will provide an initial evaluation, appropriate first aid treatments and referral to the appropriate medical care provider.

Club sport athletes who may require pre-practice taping or preparation may utilize the athletic training room during the afternoon hours. These athletes must have had an evaluation by one of the Dartmouth Staff Athletic Trainer's and specific taping procedures recommended.