197 Pounds*

1999–Owen Elzen, Minnesota

2000–Owen Elzen, Minnesota

2001–Owen Elzen, Minnesota

2002–Brian Kraemer, North Dakota State

2003–Brian Kraemer, North Dakota State

2004–Jacob Clark, U.S. Marine Corps

2005–Jesse Laber, Mary

2006–Jacob Bryce, North Dakota State

2007–Chris McPhail, Unattached

2008–Ryland Geiger, Unattached

2009–Sonny Yohn, Unattached

2010-Sonny Yohn, Unattached

2011-Sonny Yohn, Unattached

2012-Scott Schiller, Minnesota


*This weight class began in the 1999-00 season due to restructuring of the weight limits by the NCAA.