Courtesy: Idaho Athletic Media Relations
Scott Talks China
Courtesy: Idaho Athletic Media Relations
          Release: 07/01/2016
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MOSCOW, Idaho - Idaho men's hoops just got returned from an amazing, two-week trip to China.  Aside from basketball, the squad had plenty of opportunities to experience the culture and try as many new things as possible.  We caught up with junior forward Jordan Scott when the team got back, here's what he had to say.


“It was great.  It was a great experience.  You learn a lot being in a different county.  It’s an experience, that’s for sure.  Different food, different culture.  It was great talking to people, seeing how they live.  You learn a lot.”


“The Great Wall of China, for sure.  You ski lift up, and then on the way down you take a toboggan.  It’s this sledding lane, and you can go as fast as you want as long as you don’t get yelled at.  It was awesome.  We were there for a couple of hours.  We also went to the silk market.  That was another great trip.  You get to bargain, you get to haggle with the people.  It’s just the way they do it.  It was fun.”


“It really gets us better for the season.  It’s great experience.  We were playing against professional teams, national teams.  They were grown men.  They had some weight to throw around.  It was a great experience.  Seeing that we can compete with teams like that really gives us a confidence boost going forward.  If we can play eight games in 10 days in China we can play three games in three days in Reno.  We showed that we can play well against some very, very good competition.  That was encouraging.  Even though we lost a few, we showed we could compete.  The level of play we showed is encouraging.”


“This was my first time leaving the country.  Brutal is the right word.  On the way there it wasn’t so bad.  We left here at 4:30 in the morning.  We got in the plane, it was an 11-hour flight.  On the way there I was sitting next to Vic and Chris so it was just a nice flight, sitting with my teammates.  The way back, that’s a totally different story.  It was a long bus ride followed by making it through Chinese security, which is super intense.  I was patted down for like five minutes.  They took everything out of my bag and put it through the scanners even though they had already put my bag through once.”


“I tried everything.  I tried fried squid.  I tried all kinds of sushi, like actual sushi.  I tried bamboo noodles.  I tried white chocolates with wasabi on the inside, but that was a surprise, they didn’t tell us there was wasabi.  I tried all kinds of duck.  We tried so many different things.”


“The fried squid.  I got it because it looked funny.  It looked like a squid tentacle but it had things sticking out of it.  I thought I could just throw it back, it’ll be an experience.  It was chewy, it had those things poking out.  The texture didn’t work for me.  We were excited to get back to American food.  I’m pretty sure if you ask anybody we all went and got a burger or fast food once we got back.  Even the fast food over there, it’s different.  A lot.”


“That was cool.  The guys we talked to are going to be here at Idaho next year.  It was really cool to talk to them about the Chinese college.  It was awesome to hear what they thought of America.  You think about people from a different country and you assume that we’re going to have these huge differences, but that wasn’t the case.  I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and so were they.  We talked about video games, we play a lot of the same games.  We talked about our favorite movies and books, I felt like a mega-nerd.  I knew everything they were talking about, they knew everything I was talking about.  It was all sci-fi stuff.  Then we talked about basketball.  They’re all big Kobe fans and they all dislike LeBron, which was really funny.  Their love for basketball is crazy.  Everybody over there loves basketball, they have courts everywhere.  The amount of people that showed up to our games was astronomical.”


“It was a great experience.  I love that we got to do this as a team.  I’m grateful for my coaches and the University for letting us have this experience.”


The team is back in Moscow and will continue preparations for the upcoming season for the coming months. 

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